List Hygiene

Guard against a wide range of email-based threats while protecting your online reputation with a highly deliverable, safe list of emails that have been verified and designed to protect and enhance your sender reputation.

Up to 50,000 Credits $5 per thousand 0.005 per credit
50,000+ Credits $4 per thousand 0.004 per credit
100,000+ Credits $3 per thousand 0.003 per credit
One hygiene credit = One email record.
Minimum order of 1,000 credits. Maximum 250,000
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The list hygiene service accesses a large data stream that allows us to check the health of contacts in real-time, using a vast network of data.

Increase Your Deliverability

Protection against

  • Dedicated and collaborative antispam system traps or individuals
  • Highly litigious and collaborative antispam sinkholes and activists
  • Dedicated and repurposed email spam traps causing poor deliverability
  • High-risk traffic, invalid traffic sources

Identification of

  • Popular typo-domains repurposed as honeypots or traps
  • Known companies and individuals recognized as consistent complaintees
  • Low engagement, system mailboxes that do not belong to an individual
  • Purpose-built, disposable email addresses with minimal response expectation