Select The Best Solution For Your Business

Our exclusive partnerships help keep your campaigns running smoothly, and keep you from having to deal with frustrating web-hosting companies directly.
We maintain it for you as your business grows!

$29.00 (per month)

100 emails per hour
Up to 2,400 emails per day

$59.00 (per month)

200 emails per hour
Up to 5,000 emails per day

$99.00 (per month)

400 emails per hour
Up to 10,000 emails per day

$139.00 (per month)

800 emails per hour
Up to 20,000 emails per day

Send rates can vary slightly (but typically not by much) due to various things beyond our control, such as internet speeds and response times from the recipient servers, etc.

* Your server is configured with neutral dedicated IPs that have to be slowly primed. The send rate is throttled at 50-100 per hour per IP (depending on the package).
They are then gradually increased, depending on several variables, such as, the type/quality of data used, bounce rate, sender scores and IP reputation created by the user.
This is managed by us however, so all you have to do is keep sending!

Included With Every Package

Our Flagship 1-on-1 Support
IP Monitoring & Management
Free Domain Name


  • Manage an unlimited number of contacts and lists.
  • Create beautiful HTML and Multi-Part emails with the integrated campaign editor.
  • Import contacts from your existing lists, with no limits on uploads.
  • Segment lists by subscriber similarities and activity (Such as opens, clicks, bounces and more...)


  • Create multiple autoresponders with intelligent triggers.
  • Filter your recipients by their data and activities.
  • Create web-based forms for use on your own website.


  • Email Open Reporting (Where Available)
  • Link Click Tracking
  • Bounce tracking and suppression.

Perfect For Anyone Who

  • Has a purchased list they need to contact
  • Uses e-mail to survey customer lists
  • Sends e-zines via e-mail
  • Needs to quickly assess the health of a list
  • Wants help with complaints, IP reputation, and sender scores
  • Wants to send to larger lists to create a clean, active subscriber list