Affiliate Program

Earn Up To $35 Per Sale + Recurring Commissions!

How sales are tracked

Our affiliates are some of the best on the planet, and we like to make sure they stay happy. So we have integrated a 90-day tracking cookie to help you keep your sales. This way, anytime a visitor returns to jMailerPro within that 90-days will still be credited to you and their cookie updated so they will be tracked for another 90 days. Cool, huh?

We also use an intelligent sales tracker, so if a customer returns to purchase more from jMailerPro, you still receive the commissions!

How you get paid

Commissions are paid via PayPal on or around the 15th of the following month. This means, if you sell a copy in January - you will receive the commissions for that sale on or around February, 15th. This gives at least 15 days to allow for any refunds associated with your referred sales. All decisions made by our affiliate software are FINAL. We will not change the referring ID on any sale, for any reason.

Earning Potential

Commission Recurring


$15 $5 Per Month


$25 First Month $15 Per Month


$30 First Month $20 Per Month


$35 First Month $25 Per Month

List Hygiene

10% of the total sale N/A

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jMailerPro reserves the right to disable your affiliate link at any time.
Any marketing methods we find to be unacceptable will result in immediate forfeit of any earned commissions, and disabling of your affiliate link.

We do not pay out on purchases under your own affiliate link!