List Hygiene

Let us help you remove more malicious and non-existent addresses from your existing lists at a fraction of what other services charge.

List Mailing

We'll handle all the nerdy bits so you can concentrate on mailing your list. Don't be bothered by listings or managing servers.


Our support is second to none. We've been working with people to send mail for over a decade, and we're loving every minute of it.

There's No Substitute For jMailerPro
No one else gives you all this and more.

Dedicated Server

Purchased Lists Allowed

Built-in Templates

Monthly IP Swap

Multi-IP Scaling

List Hygiene Management

Active Reputation Monitoring

Live 1-on-1 Support

Don't just take our word for it. Put us to the test.

About Us

With more than a decade in email, design and marketing, jMailerPro is held in high regard with some of the industry's most well-known influencers.

Where It All Started

jMailerPro was started in 2004 with a simple plan - to provide emailing software that was simple and portable for a price that was obtainable for the masses, and provide unmatched customer service. Our original software was an enormous hit in the digital marketing industry and our customers raved of our one-on-one support. It's the same support we continue to offer to this day.

Beyond Emailing

We're not just emailing specialists here at jMailerPro. With an in-house content writer, programmer and marketing analyst - we're able to provide full spectrum marketing services. From content generation, marketing plans and advanced system integrations - to simple designs and consultation. We'll go that extra mile for you. Your business is as important to us, as it is to you.

Who We Are

We have many talents here at jMailerPro - but foremost we're Family. jMailerPro is a family business, so that makes you extremely important to us. You're the reason we do what we do. We've been in the marketing industry for a combined 30+ years, and we know that the primary need of all businesses is to attract more sales and new customers. Our goal is to provide services that are attainable by everyone. This includes the first time marketer, to the small business owner, all the way up to large corporations. Everyone needs more customers, and email is the primary way of reaching them!