Our exclusive partnerships help keep your campaigns running smoothly, and keep you from having to deal with frustrating web-hosting companies directly. We maintain it for you as your business grows!


  • Manage an unlimited number of contacts and lists.
  • Create beautiful HTML and Multi-Part emails with the integrated campaign editor.
  • Import contacts from your existing lists, with no limits on uploads.
  • Segment lists by subscriber similarities and activity (such as opens, clicks, bounces and more.)


  • Create multiple autoresponders with intelligent triggers.
  • Filter your recipients by their data and activities.
  • Create web-based forms for use on your own website.


  • Email Open Reporting (Where available)
  • Link Click Tracking
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Bounce tracking and suppression.

Perfect For Anyone Who

  • Has a purchased list they need to clean (remove bounces)
  • Needs a current supression list to scrub against
  • Uses e-mail to survey customer lists
  • Sends e-zines via e-mail
  • Has an opt-in list they need to contact regularly
  • Needs professional quality html templates
  • Wants help with complaints, IP reputation, and sender scores
  • Wants to send to larger lists to create a super-clean in-house list

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