Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send faster than 90 every 15 minutes?

Yes and No. This all depends on where you host jMailerPro. jMailerPro itself is capable of handling quite high loads, but doing so isn't recommended. Why? Because most shared hosting accounts are limited to sending 500 e-mails per hours. At 90 e-mails every 15 minutes, jMailerPro sends 360 per hour by default. This leaves a little room for retries, replies, and bounces.

If you want to send faster, you should consider a dedicated server, a VPS or our hosted V2 solution.

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Does jMailerPro have automatic unsubscribe?

Yes. The tag %%unsubscribe%% in your e-mail will be replaced by a unique unsubscribe link. When a person clicks on this link, they are added to jMailerPro's internal suppression list. Addresses on this list will be skipped by jMailerPro's sending apperatus.

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Does jMailerPro store my leads for me to use later?

No. jMailerPro keeps your lead file intact as it is mailing. It works from top to bottom, removing contacts from your list as it goes. When jMailerPro is done sending, the upload screen will become available again.

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Does jMailerPro sell data?

No. jMailerPro does not provide data for e-mailing.

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Does jMailerPro have an affiliate program?

Yes. We pay $15 per Verson 1 license, and $40 per V2 signup (with a $15 recurring!) .. Learn more at the affiliate signup page.

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Can jMailerPro send more than 1 campaign at a time?

No. jMailer sends a campaign until it is complete, and is only then ready to send a new campaign.

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What is the largest list size jMailerPro can handle?

This all depends on your server configuration, but most servers will allow significant upload sizes... That said, we usually recommend sending to smaller batches so you can monitor the effectiveness of your message.

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Does jMailerPro work on GoDaddy Hosting?

No. GoDaddy hosting does not allow mail sending via the mail() function and is not currently supported by jMailerPro v1.

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Can I run more than 1 copy of jMailerPro on my hosting account?

Yes. However, this does not increase your sending limit on a shared hosting account. Your accounts limit is still set by your hosting company. Most limit e-mail to 500 per hour. To send faster, you would need more than 1 hosting account, a VPS/Dedicated solution, or Version 2.

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